Tuesday, March 11, 2014

my everyday kind of life...

this blog was started by my husband to inform others on the state of his cancer journey 4 years ago.  we are long past that trial now.  there is nothing to report.  no life events to keep people up to date on.  no great or hard things to tell.

we are living the boring everyday kind of life.

but i know that many of you are too... if there is still anyone out there reading this neglected little blog.  and you are often on my heart and in my prayers.  i wish i knew you and the trials you are going through in your everyday life.  i want to encourage you, to build you up, to light a little fire in you to keep doing good.  

so i hope to find more time to share here.  in between the homeschool lessons and the piles of laundry, i desire to study and pray and write words of encouragement to any who need it.

it will not be profound.  it will not be great and moving.  but it will be truth.

and while i will never be one of those everyday bloggers, i hope to get back here a little more often.

so, here is a verse that so fits for a boring everyday kind of life...

Psalm 37:3a
"Trust in the Lord and do good;"

2 things.  neither very complicated.

i could expound on the difficulties of letting go of control and trusting Someone else, but there is no point since, as the Sovereign Creator, He is already in control anyway.  so trust Him, in His perfect judgement, to do what is best.

and i could give examples of how our flesh battles us everyday, wanting things that are selfish and lazy.  but you already know about those.

so rather than some mounting lists of all the things that we need to change in our lives (cuz that list would be very overwhelming!) let us instead relish in the simplicity of it.  let us face our days this week with these 2 things that cover all the trials of our everyday lives.

memorize this truth.  it's 7 words long, so it's not too hard, even for the worn mommy or busy student.  devote it to memory and remind yourself of His beautiful little statement over and over again.  when the day is long and our body and mind grow weary, meditate here.

let us trust in the Lord, and let us do good!

care to share and encourage someone else?  leave a comment about something from your everyday life that you need to remind yourself to trust Him with.  or a situation you come to in your everyday that you need to remember to do good.  

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  1. I love the blogs of my friends for their "every day lives" and always enjoy seeing an update from you Sarah! It is fun to get little peeks into lives, particularly at the moment, with not being able to visit on a more regular basis.

    As far as trusting God right now--so very much is changing for us in the next few months--new baby, new job for Josh, a move . . . and I am slowing down a lot with this pregnancy. I just have to keep reminding myself that it is not my strength but His that will get everything accomplished, to let Him work out the details and not fret over every little thing. That is always hard for me "the planner." ;o)


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