Thursday, September 12, 2013

and so begins...

Wild Cedars Private School is now in session!

and to copy all the brilliant moms who do first day of school pics, here are ours!


Isaac has begun Kindergarten.  so far it's mostly reviewing what we worked on last year, which he is flying through.  he's loving the routine and consistency (i'm very go with the flow, which doesn't always work well for my boy).

Christian is beginning preschool type things, though we're thinking he won't technically be in Preschool til next year.  yes, he is 4 now, but because of when his birthday falls and the age of his good friends, we are thinking we are going to start preschool when he's 5.  takes a little pressure off the boy that way (it seems boys are often a little slower on the reading/writing front).

for my curious homeschooling friends, we are scheduled out on a 4-days-a-week system (i found the printables from this blog super helpful in getting everything laid out for the year).  this way we can use our 5th day each week to work more on difficult concepts they might be coming up against, play educational games to keep learning fun, or even just to be able to have a little time off for field trips or play dates (or to just give mommy us all a bit of a break when cabin fever sets in around February time, as it has in the past).  our year will probably go through the end of June because of our 4 day weeks, but i'm cool with that and the boys are still at the age when school is awesome.

my house is definitely feeling the effects of this new major time commitment; not that i'm a stellar housekeeper to begin with.  if you would, please pray that i find a good groove for school, cooking, and cleaning before my husband goes looney from the chaos.  :)


  1. I think that last photo of Isaac makes him look so much like Nick! I can tell you from my experiences Jackson that he SO VERY MUCH benefitted from being at the older end. We are still struggling with Emmett and his March birthday--while he isn't where *I* would like him to be, that is definitely one of the great things about homeschooling--being able to cater to right where they are at--no pressure. We have always stuck to a four day (ish) week as well. Not that we don't school on Friday, but that it is a lighter day (and kind of a reward if we worked hard or ahead the other four days). Mommies need those catch up days . . . ;o) And you will find a routine that works. I think probably if stellar housekeeping was at the top of the list you probably wouldn't be homeschooling. *wink* We can't be awesome at everything . . . ;o)

  2. Praying for you, Dear! Hoping it all goes smoothly...I'm liking the 4 days/week thing, and those cool scheduling forms. And keep my place in mind if they need a Friday field trip/playdate! :)


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