Monday, July 15, 2013

directed steps...

Proverbs 16:9
"The mind of man plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps."

that verse sums it up...  our life as of late.

i won't go into all the details right now, or else i would be spewing words for about a week.  but let me give you a quick sum up.

thank you so much to all of you who have been praying for us on this journey in foster care.  it has ment so much.  when classes felt stressful and the questions were so hard, we rested in the peace of our Lord knowing that we were pursuing His will and so many of you were praying that we would be wise.  and once we were approved, you had amazing encouraging hugs for us (ok, mainly for me) as it seemed that God closed the door on placements in our home.  and then we had respite for a pair of children and i asked for some of you to pray for us, that we would be wise and compassionate and not overwhelmed by having a long weekend with double the little ducklings that i'm used to having in tow.

and now, God is showing us the steps HE has planned for us.

we will be waiting to take a placement for foster care.  we aren't sure how long we will be waiting.  we are leaving that in His very capable hands.

He has been so good to show us that with many more little ones in our home, some of the ministries He has called us to would be difficult to serve within to the extent that we feel led; and other ministries might not even be an option.  and these things weigh heavily on our heart, given to us by God many years ago.

and so, we take a step back from foster care.

our licence is for 2 years.  so we will see what God does in the next 2 years.  we are still approved for respite, so we may have some littles from time to time for a day or two.

so for now, we rest in the peace that He has given us with this decision.  we followed Him down this road of getting approved for foster care without hesitation.  and now we follow Him down another road, again without hesitation, though maybe a little surprised by the bend in the path.

for me personally, i have been reminded by my Father of the joy of my two boys.  God will give me the grace to deal with more children, should He call me to that.  but for now, i have been given the grace to raise these two.  and i am finding a renewed joy and excitement in having my time and energy to devote to my husband and just 2 little men.

praise the Lord for His wisdom and leading in our daily steps through this world!


  1. That verse from Proverbs is perfect--so thankful for the Lord directing our steps. I know my heart has always been drawn to foster care/adoption and I so very much admire those who do it. And yet at the same time we have never felt it is an option to pursue at this point. I see more and more as my kids grow how intense this parenting gig is, and the more of them, the less there is of me to spread all around. I love what you said about having a renewed joy and excitement for the family God has already given you. Sometimes we need that perspective freshened up! ;o) Continued prayers for you all as you see what the Lord has ahead for you!

  2. Continuing to pray for your sweet fam...what an encouragement to hear your thoughts on what the Lord is teaching you. *big hug* We'll look forward to watching the Lord's plan for you unfold.


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