Wednesday, June 5, 2013

it's June already???

i can't hardly believe that it's June.  i mean, i know that time flies... but it doesn't even feel like June.  but this is Nebraska, so i will be praising God for the 70 and 80 degree weather!  cuz before i know it i will be (struggling to) praise Him for the 90 and 100 degree weather and the crazy high humidity.  

riding his "horse" Dusty.  and yes, he went to the store dressed like that.

chamomile and lavender bath for sick boys

a handful of girl outfits and pj's in each size, just to be ready for anything

bean teepee.  now just waiting for the beans to grow!

cinnamon and sugar toast cut to look like a donut = same thing as a donut... right?

crazy boys

in awe of the sharks

playing Sorry! by himself and enjoying it

bad smile, great new roller skates

chillin with Alicia

$9 shovel makes for some enthusiastic volunteers.  

foster care update:
we are approved!  we are so excited and a little bit terrified nerves about what's to come.  our lives could change rapidly as we have the potential to go from a family of 4 to a family of 7 with one phone call.  we know that there will be a lot of difficulty and trials ahead, but we also know that our Heavenly Father is faithful to provide the grace and wisdom for any number of children that He puts within our care.  please pray for us.  it could happen today, it could happen a couple months from now.  we rest in God's timing of this.  


  1. Hooray! Been praying...and look forward to seeing what the Lord unfolds. *GREAT* slideshow! :)

  2. Wonderful little snaps of life right now! And I keep thinking how brave and wonderful and scary and exciting the next chapter of your life will be. Continuing to pray you and Nick and your boys through the changes ahead.


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