Thursday, March 28, 2013

well, duh...

praise the Lord for crocus and tulips!  just what i needed today!
however, i need to remember to move them this fall.  they are currently planted behind the house and i want to move them somewhere so they can be seen from inside the house.  

so this has been like... the craziest week i can ever remember!  so. very. busy.

yet, God is good.  i wish i had time to tell you all the wonderful things He's been teaching me, but, as i said, very busy here.

after months of feeling like i was drowning in the day to day tasks i needed to get done, i finally clued in to what He was trying to teach me.  see, i've always gone to God for strength and joy in the big things.  Cancer, chemo, surgeries... it's instinct to go running into His arms.  yet, for some reason, i had this idea in my head that i can handle the little stuff.  this attitude of "don't worry God, i got this!"  turns out i don't got this.  in fact, i cannot handle a single thing without His hand very present in my life.  oh, i was still walking with Him; attending Bible studies, reading and praying everyday, etc.  but i didn't ask Him to help.  i just figured that i should be able to handle the little things.  i was very wrong.

so, i'm retraining my brain.  now, i pray over my daily list.  i keep reminding myself that my day can still be honoring to the Lord, even if the house is still a pit at the end of the day.  when i come to a task that makes me the least bit frazzled, i stop and pray.  and He is so good.

so that's why this week, even though it's so non-stop i feel as though i have to schedule in a shower here and there, i'm not coming apart at the seams.  it's cuz He's got this.

i'll share more when He helps me find the time.  :)


  1. Oh Sarah, I SO get that! Like you said we run to Him for that big stuff and then think we should be able to handle all the little daily details by ourselves. How thankful I am for a God who is in all those little details!! Hope you guys have a blessed weekend celebrating our Savior's resurrection!

  2. Oh I love those early bird crocuses. (Although yours are earlier than mine...none of mine have opened yet.)

    I am encouraged by your words here...I've been struggling with a too-busy stage also, and get in this stress/adrenaline/fatigue cycle it seems...been recently been convicted about that. I don't need to be in 'panic' mode all the time--I'm learning to be calm in the midst of the daily storm. :)

    Whew! Hope you can have a moment to catch a breath after this busy time. ;)


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