Wednesday, March 20, 2013


thought i would post a bunch of pics off my phone since some of you haven't discovered the addictive hobby that is instagram.  :)

sleeping boy

playing "i spy" with daddy

cuddling/wrestling... it's the same thing, right?

this boy makes me laugh.  often.  typically when i least expect it.

cousins bonding over legos

boys finally got the furry hats with ear flaps that they have been requesting all winter.
praise the Lord for clearance racks!

sorting and packing little boys clothes away. 
and praying that someday God might give us a reason to have to pull them out again...

we have a reader!

"air paint" (think like air guitar)

he has a thing about trying on any and every hat in the store.  

Nebraska weather is confusing.
and yes, my son is wearing pink pants.  new rule.  if he potties in his pants, he has to wear the pretty pink princess pants from his cousin... anything to try and get this child over this phase of laziness...

praise the Lord for more daylight and warmer temps, for conviction and seeing my need for Him in every little detail of my everyday life, and for this house full of boys that He has blessed me with.  


  1. Wow, congrats Isaac on reading! I am loving all these pics and the adorably hilarious things your lively crew is up to. :)

  2. See, that's why I tell Josh I need a smart phone--so I can instagram! Apparently a very weak argument . . . ;o) So many great pics you have here--my favorites: the hands on face while sleeping, the air painting (so very un-messy!), and Isaac's stylish hat.

  3. Love the pic of your sleeping little man and the bare-footed snow scooper! YAY for more time outdoors---say all the mothers of boys everywhere!


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