Monday, March 11, 2013

insert clever post title here...

personal opinion:
homemade bagels blow grocery store/big name chain bakery bagels out of the water!

haha!  get it?  cuz you boil bagels before you bake them... ok, a joke you have to explain is never a good joke.

moving on...

today, i used Emma's recipe for everything bagels with a couple differences...

- instead of bread flour, i used 2 1/2 cups whole wheat flour i had milled this morning and 1 cup plain old white flour.

- i didn't have all the same seeds she had, so i topped mine with poppy seeds, pumpkin seeds and a scant sprinkle of sea salt, i.e. what i had in the cupboard.

let me just say, bagels might be my new favorite bread item to make from scratch.  next try will be a sweet twist.  i'm thinking cinnamon and sugar goodness!

what have you been baking?


  1. HA! Totally giggling over the 'explained' joke. ;) Looks yummy! And I love your hymn posting...something I'd like to do more of with my kids. I share the same opinion on the quality of the lyrics...a fruitful choice of time spent teaching your boys. :)

  2. I'll have to try this! My girls love the "cinnamon swirl" bagels but I hate how pricey all that stuff is.

  3. Well, the one and only time I tried bagels they were *not* better than the grocery store/big name chain bakery. ;) Perhaps, this post will inspire me to give it another try. I've recently made pretzel bites that were *delicious* and used a similar method of boiling the dough before baking so maybe I'll have more success with bagels the second time around!?!


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