Monday, February 11, 2013

please grow...

attempting to start seeds again this year.  

i kept it simple...
-a plastic tray with a lid from my garden center 
-egg cartons and toilet paper tubes for seed cells
-flags made from paper and toothpicks
-seed starting dirt 
-a south facing window
-florescent bulb in a desk lamp (just to help out)

the boys surprised me by not being overly interested in the BAG OF DIRT i was scooping out of.  i mean, come on!  it's dirt... in the house... ?
sigh... little boys.  can't always tell just what will catch their eye.

i want to make a chart to track the growth of these tiny seeds.  i think it would be a wonderful addition to our school work!  i'm picturing a big piece of poster board on the wall and every week we measure how tall they are, adding descriptions and drawings of leaves and such.  then again, with my past experiences, we could just end up with a big empty board...

oh, well.  

been planting anything at your place? 
any tricks of the trade you'd be willing to share?
i need all the help i can get!  ;)

p.s. i counted out the weeks on the calendar, and i think i'm a little early, even for the "8 weeks" suggested.  so, i just figure if i goof we should have time to try starting the other half of the packets.  just didn't want this beginner to worry anyone who hasn't even started thinking about seedlings yet.  


  1. No advice to give--I think just once I tried some flower seedlings (and it didn't go well so you aren't alone if you kill them). ;o) Hope you have tiny little plants in no time!

  2. LOL--I'm imagining your enthusiastic boys getting excited over dirt in the house...and I'm excited for your cute little herb garden coming soon! ;)


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