Friday, February 8, 2013

a most uncreative title...

i love winter.  
or maybe i should say, i love the change of seasons.  
it's such a joy after having lived in the mundane weather of the desert for 2 years.  
but lately, we've been battling a little cabin fever. 
i know that warm weather will be here before we know it, and then we will be begging for some cooler weather.  come one, it's Nebraska.  :)

convinced uncle Jared to read to them.  

Isaac made his first book.  it's all pictures and i don't exactly follow the story line, but it's fun to see him getting so creative.

i love these boys.

i love to cook.  i despise washing dishes.  however, this was a rare moment when i found washing a sink full of dishes very satisfying.    

my helper.  he volunteered.
oh, and speaking of vacuuming, i recently learned the "right way" to vacuum.
first against the grain, then with the grain, moving 12 inches per second.  
let me tell you, 12 inches a second doesn't sound bad, but it feels painfully slow!
however, i stuck with it for this one room and then checked my canister (which i had emptied before i started).
and may i just say... eeew!

a smoothie mustache.  why is this kid so darn cute?
his favorite word right now is "awesome".  ever heard a 3 year old use the word awesome?  it's pretty adorable.  however, i may be slightly biased.  ;)   

every day we practice writing a letter.  we talking about whether it is a consonant or a vowel, the sounds that it makes, and make a list of words that it starts.  this is a cat for C.  it makes me smile! 

more hanging out with uncle Jared.  he has the best games on his phone.  

dreaming of warmer weather while learning to enjoy the season God has us in.  


  1. I *LOVE* that adorable cat drawing. The alien book looks amazing...and love the adorable 'stache! ;) Looks like a great week at your busy house.

  2. I love all these pictures! I have some of Marissa's first "books" done up in a very similar style. It's such a fun way to encourage an interest in reading and writing (and hilarious to look back at now!). And I love your sink of colored bowls--if all chores could be so pretty and colorful!! ;o)


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