Tuesday, February 12, 2013

a beginning...

and so begins the mountain of paper work and forms...

if you would, pray for our little family.  we've struck out on the exciting and terrifying journey of adoption.   

i won't go into great depth or detail today, mostly due to the fact that i don't really know much about this process.  we've chosen to pursue foster care with intent to adopt, since we would love to be able to bring a group of siblings into our family.  we will begin taking classes in March and should be certified by mid summer.  

i've begun to question my sanity.
expanding our family by 2... 3... maybe more, all at once?
bringing in children who, in their short lives have had to deal with more difficulties and pain than many adults have ever had to deal with.
going through a system that i'm pleased gives every opportunity to keep families united, yet this goal can often result in heart break and mourning for the family who wanted so badly to take them in and make them a part of their own.
am i crazy?

i'm sure that this road will be quite a trial.  it will mean we need a lot of patience and even more peace from our Father.  but He is always good and gives freely of the Fruits of His Holy Spirit.  i'm sure there will be days when i'm frustrated or anxious & i'm already dreading the heartbreak that may be in our future.  but we are following His lead in this.  so until He changes the game plan, we will stick with it and pursue this rocky road that may just lead to more joy than we could ever imagine.  

please, pray for us.


  1. This is SO AWESOME Sarah! I will definitely be praying for your family as you begin down a new path. I'm certain God will use this to grow and change you in mighty ways. And I'll be praying God's protection around those little hearts who will be coming into your keeping--that makes my own heart just ache.

  2. *SO* excited for you guys, that this process is starting! I WILL be praying...and look forward to seeing how the Lord answers. Wish I talked to you today at TT and given you a hug in person...consider yourself hugged. :) And prayed for.

  3. soooo exciting! the Lord will sustain u & give u the grace u need!!!

  4. Wow! Exciting times! I have witnessed the beauty of adoption in my sister's family and it never ceases to amaze me how God works through the whole process! Blessings to you as you begin this journey!!


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