Thursday, January 31, 2013

in the kitchen...

just in case you were wondering what we are up to in the kitchen, i thought i would share.

i have had lots and lots of help.  sometimes, more help than i know what to do with.  but i love it.  i'm hoping they never outgrow this desire to cook and make yummy things to eat.  

started another batch of homemade vanilla again.  always an easy way to save a few bucks.

we only live a 5 minute drive from Nick's work and so most days he makes it home for lunch.  but lately he's been super busy.  too busy to scoot home for a quick bite.  so, in effort to avoid him trying to make it though the entire day on donuts and peanut m&m's, i made up a batch of chicken burritos for him to keep in the freezer at the office.  yeah, it took a bit of time, but i figure i spent less than $1 on each burrito.  and i'm estimating high cuz i can't find all my receipts.  if you want to make you're own, here are the links that i used...

-shredded sharp cheddar cheese
i also cooked a whole chicken in my crock pot and shredded the whole thing, using some for supper last night, some for lunch today and the rest got a dose of taco seasoning & into the tortillas.
i avoided things like lettuce and sour cream and would taste funny frozen then microwaved.
i could use more ideas for next time.  
what do you put in your burritos? 

ever made sour dough french toast?  i'm totally diggin' it!  i added just a touch more sugar to my regular recipe, along with a few spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, all spice and just a dash of cloves.  the sweet & spice meeting up with the tangy bread is just a great twist in my mind.  the boys gobbled it up even faster than normal.  so we will be doing that one again. 

as long as we are in the kitchen, thought i would show you my new facet.  the old one decided suddenly to rebel and completely busted the gasket at the base of the neck, spewing water across the front of me.  so that evening we went out for supper and then hit home depot for a new one.  this one is so pretty, it almost transforms my yellow cast iron sink from old and outdated to a 
bold statement!  

i've also been liking how much easier it is to run to the store with my boys lately.  one big improvement is not having to haul extra pants around anymore (hooray for boys who use the toilet!).  but i also love how they desire to be involved with the process.  Isaac wants to write my list and check it off, they both help me hunt for things on the shelves, load and unload the cart, and as time goes on they grumble less and less about having to help carry bags.  :)  funny, how a plastic bag with pasta and napkins inside is SO MUCH HEAVIER than a giant bin filled with legos...

what's been happening in your kitchen?


  1. Yum, yum, and yum--I love the cute handwriting, and I agree--the yellow sink is now "mod" instead of "odd." Lovely faucet! :)

  2. Enjoy that new faucet! I always love seeing all the happenings in someone else's kitchen--so very much the hearts of our homes!


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