Friday, January 18, 2013

fort for my sick boy...

this bug has struck 3 out of 4 as of today.
yep, Isaac is down with the crud.
praise the Lord we haven't been getting the terrible flu that others have been having.  no, we have a small-ish bug that has affected us all a little different.  Isaac doesn't have the up-chucks that Christian has, nor the sinus congestion that i had have.  he's simply toasty warm with rosy cheeks and very worn out.  

so to comfort my sick little boy, we built a pillow fort on the love seat in the basement.  
just right for snuggling in and watching Wally or Bob the Builder.

hope you're all feeling well!  

build a fort and play along with us.
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  1. Awwww, a cozy pillow fort looks like the perfect place for a little boy to rest. You are a good mommy. ;o)

  2. I want to climb in that fluffy spot! Hope you all are feeling better soon...hugs to those sick boys!


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