Tuesday, January 15, 2013

a bit of randomness

the boys playing with their new trucks.
probably their favorite thing they received for Christmas.  
they love how they can set up the track different everytime and the cars race around by themselves, along with 3 way switches, a tunnel, and a working elevator.  
i love how it's easy enough for them to put together and pick up themselves!

me and my Isaac.  our little family went to a few thrift/retro shops on Saturday.  it was cold but a fun time getting out of the house. 

another quirk about our house: my window over my kitchen sink looks into our garage (which was originally built as a carport, thus the window.)  i used to think it was so weird.  but every time Nick goes out to work on some project, and those little men come out to "help", i find myself loving this oddly placed window.  :)

Isaac's idea of playing with play-doh: building castles and fortresses by stacking the containers.  

my boys playing "war".  it's fun to see them take an interest in cards, cuz we are a card playing family.  and while war is about as simple as you can get in terms of card games, it's a great way for them to learn the ranks of the cards.  someday all too soon, i'm sure we will be pulling out the aluminum foil and handy wrap containers to help them hold all the cards in their hands for their first games of "head and foot" (a family favorite!).

they love neck ties.  these were the outfits of choice for Bible study.  Nick and i didn't fight it.  :)

love this little man!

pretty much in love with these two as well!

my little kitchen helper is actually starting to gain enough motor skills to begin to become truly helpful.  he now is able to crack eggs very well and unassisted, run the cookie scooper using his own strength and put the balls of dough in the right place, dump ingredients into the bowl without major spillage, and we are working on how to correctly measure: fill it to the top, but not more than the top.  that one is coming along and has to be carefully monitored to assure that we aren't lacking baking soda and overflowing the chocolate chips.  :)

the crud bug has hit our house.  school has been kinda hit or miss, there have been a few more movies than normal (though national geographic counts as educational, right?) and a smoothie run on one particularly hard day.  Lord willing we will be back to our crazy selves in a few more days.   


  1. Sometime send me the link for that car track set up--I have some little boys who would love it (I think!!). The outfits they picked out are great, a nice explosion of color to announce their arrival. And yes, National Geographic definitely counts as educational material. Sometimes I'm amazed what we can all learn from a good dvd. ;o)

  2. You mean you aren't supposed to overflow the measuring cup with the chocolate chips? oops. ;-) I love your quirky garage window. With boys I can see it being SO useful. And I'm glad to see that it's not just my children who have "unique" fashion sense.


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