Thursday, November 15, 2012


my boy has become enthralled with chapter books.
picture books are acceptable from time to time, but if he has his pick it will be a young reader book.  the kind that i have 1 small picture and a full page or more of words.  
he sometimes gets a little lost if there are many unusual names.  and sometimes he asks for us to repeat something, or asks the meaning of a word.  
but most of the time, he will sit very quiet and very still, chapter after chapter. 

we recently read a youth version of "The Jungle Book"
very different from the disney movie!
now we are on "The White Seal"
not so sure how i feel about that one (it seems to have a bit of an agenda)
next in the book is "Ricky Ticky Tavy" 
i wonder if it will be as good as i remember from when i was young?

he's interested and so i'm all over it!  we read and read and will continue to read (Lord willing) a lot for many years to come.

any good suggestions for books to read to young boys?


  1. Anything involving a kid interested in reading or being read to makes my heart so happy! I was just talking to the kids the other day about how reading is important because it is one of the ways God reveals himself to us--the written Word!!

    As far as other books, if you don't own "Honey for a Child's Heart" by Gladys Hunt, definitely get it for your homeschool. It is a book of book lists and has greatly guided me in helping my kids choose stories. Also, I'm guessing Isaac would love the big book of Winnie the Pooh (all the stories in one book) as well as Beatrix Potter's stories, and The Little House on the Prairie stories--if not all of them, for sure Farmer Boy. That should keep you busy for the winter months! ;o)

  2. I second Janna's nomination of "Honey for a Child's Heart." It's an excellent resource and I use it often for ideas. My boys all liked "My Father's Dragon"--it's an easy chapter book with lots of adventure, but not scary (at least as much as I remember. It's been a while now) Mr. Popper's Penguins is also a fun read for younger kids.


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