Monday, November 5, 2012

a bit of this and that...

so for those of you who are on facebook, these are going to be some repeats.

we don't get into all the halloween craziness, but my boys do enjoy wearing costumes.  so after throwing around various ideas about knights and kings and puppy dogs, they landed these.

Isaac's request: a zippy blue jay

a better shot of the wings, if you were curious.  

Papa Roger, complete with center hair part & whisker stubble.
my dad doesn't have that dark of facial hair, but since flannel shirts, boots and john deere hats aren't unusual for us, we had to try and imply that he was someone else/older.

"hey mom! is like a combine!  it harvesting my hair!"

"look mom, i'm a bee-fessor!"
(then giving me, what he calls, his professor face)

some of our favorite comments from these two...


Isaac - "this shirt is all crumbly."
Daddy - "you mean, all wrinkly?"
Isaac - "yeah, it should be nice and flat."
sigh... guess it's bad when the 5 year old notices mommy's lack of laundry skills.

"Dad, did you see that big pile of leaves you raked up?!"

(pointing to some letters on the fridge)
"Mom, does something here look familiar?"


"head and sword and shield and toes, knees and toes, knees and toes..."

while eating pepperoni pizza
"me wuv macaroni pizza!" 

Christian - "me a baby kitty."
Mommy - "what's your name, baby kitty?"
Christian - "me name is Chuck."

and on the not so cute front:

we've had to outlaw the term "never ever!" which was popping up in way too many conversations.

i find myself interrupting their play with "no more killing!"  i understand they are boys, but i'm amazing at how much they play killing considering we only have 2 nerf guns and watch G rated movies. 

if you think of it, please keep me in your prayers.  these boys are such a joy, but to repeat a quote i once heard...
"this business of training little humans for life is a mind boggling process!"
we have good days and hard days. many times we get along great and work together well, and yet we butt heads and battle wills more than i would like.  children really are "a blessing from the Lord" and also a refining tool at the same time.

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  1. Love those wings--how fun! And the "combining comb" brought back memories of (I think . . .) a little Jackson combining the carpet with a comb in similar fashion. It does look like a header!

    And yes on parenting be mind-boggling . . . I know what you mean about little boys and the roughness (it still surprises me!). They just seem to have an uncanny way of gravitating toward all that no matter what. My boys have never seen any of the super hero movies and yet love dressing up in those kinds of costumes. I think it has to be their "innate boyness." I think you are doing a great job with your wee little men!


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