Monday, October 29, 2012

things that make me smile

1. "Pete the Cat, I love my white shoes"
very fun book about not getting upset over the little things
as Christian quotes, "it's all good!"

2. store apps with coupons
so far i have Hobby Lobby and Joann's; 2 stores that if it's not on sale, i better have a coupon!
now i have coupons with me at all times and all i have to do is pull it up and show it to the cashier. so handy for a forgetful gal like me!

3. Pugz
seriously?  i mean... seriously?!
i laughed so hard at the ridiculousness of these.

4. a bathroom break requiring us to run across the street to the Seward county courthouse.
no, the bathroom was nothing special, but the stairs just inside the main doors are beautiful!  totally going to have to dress up the family and drag my extreamly talented little sister there to take pictures of us.

5. thrift store finds
i'm not a big time thrifter, but when in Seward, i like to stop by the local shop and almost always stumble across something.  like this pile of books for .35 cents each, the vintage apron, retro yellow necklace (in the perfect shade of yellow!), and a couple jelly jars with stars that we will be using for cups.  so fun!

6. how much this boy loves bacon
like, this boy loves bacon more than some grown men.  if it has bacon on it or in it, he will eat it!

7. number pillows
i have a terrible time finding throw pillows that i like in a price range i prefer.  so i visited a local fabric shop, the Calico House, and found this funky red number fabric.  it's interesting and pretty but not a floral (hey, i live in a house full of boys, i have to limit the flowery stuff)

8. boot weather
nuff said.

9. greek yogurt
and the round little face that it covers.

10. a boy friendly version of the felt doll that i made for my niece
no, it's not so much for dress up, but a great idea i got from my friend Shannon to help my boys learn about the weather and seasons and the calendar.  more pictures to come once i finish getting everything cut out. 

Praise the Lord for these little joys that He puts in my life!
the everyday would be so dull without them.  

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  1. I love all these happy photos (my favorite might be your thrifting finds . . . the grown up version of treasure hunting I think!). ;o) Have a great week!


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