Thursday, October 11, 2012

joy overflowing

it's 10.11.12 today
what a happy date!
i know, it's the little things in life that make me happy.  
and that is a good thing.
i love seeing all the little stuff God puts in my day to make me smile.
after all, my theme verse is about that...

Proverbs 17:22
"A joyful heart is good medicine,
but a broken spirit dries up the bones."

God just blesses us with so many little tiny things throughout our days. 
they make me happy and thankful for our Soverine Lord and His care for me.
and the Lord promises that my joyful heart is like good medicine to those around me.

i challenge you today.
take special note of the little things God put in your life that bring you joy. 
take a moment to thank Him.  
no, stop and really thank Him!
not just a passing smile with a "that's nice" thought.
stop whatever you are doing, close your eyes and out loud (people may think your crazy, but, oh well; this is more important than the status of your sanity) thank the Lord for this blessing.
now tuck that little blessing away in your thoughts.
make a little mental list (or a paper list, if you are also a mommy with limited brain capacity)
let all those little joys build up in your heart.
and let that joy overflow to those you are around today.
the people you love...
 the people you work with...
 the people you really didn't want to have to be around today but God put them there for you to spill this joy all over!
and it will be good medicine for whatever ails them today. 

here are a few pictures to show you what blessings God has given me today...

little hands that have been a bit more affectionate as of late (pic from this weekend)
praise the Lord for the little people in my life.

a mantle to decorate with things of yellow and orange.
praise the Lord for the unexpected blessing of a fireplace in our family room.

the look of my neighbors trees through our old wavy glass windows.
doesn't it just look like a painting?  
i love old windows for their quirky-ness. (though not for their energy efficiency.)
praise the Lord for oranges and yellows and reds 
...and for old windows.  ;)

i wish i had one of those fancy blogs with a button you could grab so that we could all link up and share our joys with each other.  but, sadly, i am not that computer savvy.  so if you want to let your joy overflow in the comments, please feel free!  i would love to hear what blessings God has filled your day with!


  1. Love these pictures! Your wavy glass window is so cool--what a gorgeous display of color! I love how God fills our days with beauty if we just pause long enough to look around and really see.

  2. The window picture is so cool!! I love to stop by your blog once in a while and see what your sweet little family is up to......and I always go away encouraged. Thanks for sharing what the Lord is teaching you and blessing me in return.

  3. Cool mantle shot...and the 'painting' window is so neat! Love this I'm thankful for a quiet day at home, sewing a little, baking a little...and enjoying some tea. :) Thanks for the encouragement.


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