Friday, September 7, 2012

things that make me smile ~ 9.7.12

1. dino slippers.  and the little critters attached to them. 

2. a "new" chair.  our neighbor had a friend selling it and new that i loved 60's furniture.

3. a handy husband.  he sweetly tore down the 3 cabinets that were hanging over the peninsula.  yes, i lost some storage, but when you go from this...

(umm, awkward!)

to this (!!!) it's well worth the inconvenience.   my kitchen is now a happier place because of the light and the view.

4. finding coupons for free ice cream cones.  

5. the way they pick up on so much around them. 

6. limoncello macaroons.  go here for the amazing recipe!

7. no training wheels.  and there has only been one major crash, as he has taken to it like walking!


8.  lime green flowers.  next year i hope to have a plethora of various lime green flowers throughout my yard & garden.

9.  burgers with my Babe!  tried Honest Abe's and i thought it was great.  definitely going back!

Large Family Logistics

10.  Large Family Logistics.  yes, i know my family is no where near large, but she has wonderful ideas and strategies for managing a home of any size.  and more than the good advice about cleaning and organizing, i LOVE her perspective.  she filters it all through the Word of God, making sure that our attitudes are honoring, our words are encouraging, and that our homes (while not necessarily spotless) are functioning in a way that glorifying God!  she is realistic about the mess that comes with raising a family, and yet doesn't make excuses for not having our homes under control.   so while i'm not saying that my home is now squeaky clean, i'm learning to be more organized, more purposeful, and more joyful in my housework.  :)  

(and with good encouragement from the author, i'm also learning to be more careful with my time.  so i'm going to blame this book for my absence.  k?  k!)

hoping the next post will come sooner than the last, and hoping the Lord returns even sooner than that!

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  1. Love seeing all the little happenings in your home. The macaroons sound awesome! And I've noticed that book a few times and I'm glad to hear what you thought about it--do you have a copy or does the library carry it? I'm going to put that on the "to-read" list. ;o)


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