Tuesday, September 18, 2012

farm boys they are not...

sad to say, but my boys are not farm kids.  as much as their father and I would love them to be like ourselves, they will not have the joy of growing up in the country with barns and outbuilding, machinery & pickup trucks, livestock and crops... nope.

but whenever they get the chance, they love to visit someone's farm.  so they get snippets of what i grew up knowing.

this is how we tailgate on game day during harvest.

he was fascinated by the tractor and can't wait to go back out.

he loved riding with uncle Jared, but unfortunately got bored quickly.  however, a nap seemed to help him spend the time.  

found Carrie's shades on the dash.  made watching Papa & Jared a little more fun.

Isaac sweetly talked this little gal out of her hut and up to the fence so he could pet her.  judging from the way she kept licking him, she thought he was pretty sweet too.

Christian, however, lacked patience with the calves (he is my instant gratification child).  he found it much more entertaining to yell "hey, cow!" and watch them all run inside their huts.  

as they get older, i'm hoping to send them out to the grandparents farms for "work camps".  and even though we don't live on a farm, we are working with the boys to work around our home.  since there are no pig pens to clean, we clean their room.  since there are no animals to feed, we work together in the kitchen.  Nick and I hope to make these boys hard workers who don't shy away from difficult tasks and don't complain about chores and cleaning.  

just today, we talked about 
Proverbs 18:9
"He also who is slack in his work
is brother to him who destroys."

we walked through each part, talking first about the person who destroys and tears apart work.  then pointing out how a person who is lazy and slow and complains about work (slack) is, in God's eyes, just as bad.  

and in the midst of the explanation comes the conviction.  not them, me.  there are many days when i'm "slack" in my work.  when i complain about the things i have to do.  when i do them slowly and sometimes not even finish them.  sigh... so this verse is for me, the hard working farm girl, just as much as it is for them.  ok, Lord.  i see.

the boys asked questions and then explained it back to me in their own words (well, Isaac did), so i think it clicked.  at least for today.  we'll see how much of it has stuck tomorrow when i ask them to help clean out the dishwasher.  ;)

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  1. "Blog hopping" tonight and smiling at all the combining pictures I'm finding--it is SO MUCH FUN! I wish my kids could be farm kids too, but it is definitely the next best thing when they can go to Grandpa/Grandma's farm. I still remember sitting on an overturned ice cream bucket as a kid and riding with my dad. Wish we could have had a passenger seat!! ;o)


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