Friday, September 28, 2012

fall weather is my favorite

we spent some time outside today...

digging and chattering away...

telling me stories they've imagined...

and making me laugh!

but he has the best laugh.

the little one is almost too fast to catch sometimes.

i think we are running out of sand.  and that's not necessarily a bad thing... 

and then i wandered around the yard, dreaming about planting new things in the ground.
especially where these bushes are.
all summer i've been givin' these bushes the stink eye, just itching to rip them out.  their scraggly limbs leave much to be desired.  and then today i noticed something...

how did they know i have a soft spot for fall?

the various reds and yellows and browns are my favorite

growing deep rich colors in variegated patterns

they may have just redeemed themselves!

how's fall looking around your yard?
anything trying to win back your favor?
i'm still undecided about these guys.  maybe we'll wait a yard or two before pulling them, and try and thicken them up a bit.

we'll see.

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  1. Fall is my favorite too--and I'm glad your bushes had a nice surprise for you. Experiencing the change of seasons for the first time in a new house is always so much fun--you never know what might pop up!! I know we were surprised by a few tulips this past spring by the front step, and that is always such a happy little discovery. ;o)


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