Thursday, September 13, 2012

embrace the camera ~ 9.13.12

embracing with my Isaac.  

these pictures are from his 5th birthday.  yes, that means they are a couple weeks old.  but i like the pictures.  so i'm using them.  :)

praise the Lord for this little man!  

his patience and understand have increased so much in the last year.  i'm so excited to see how he grows in this 5th year of his life!

we've started memorizing Psalm 119.  i know, it's a long one.  but it's so fantastic how the author repeats over and over again how he loves the Word of the Lord.  

i want my boys to have that ingrained in their minds.  that the Word is wonderful and all the blessings that come from living a life in line with what God has required.  not outward actions only, but a heart that has been humbled and repented of his sin, resulting in salvation of his soul; and a life that is lived in grateful works because of what Christ has done.  

i don't know if this boy will ever come to saving faith.  only God knows that.  but i will work to plant as much scripture in his mind as i can get in there, so that it's ready and waiting for God to use when He wants it.  

it's a scary business sometimes, training these little souls for life here on earth, loving them so much, and then leaving their eternal destiny in the hands of the All-Powerful God.  But then again, He handles things so much better than i do.  why should i have reason to doubt Him?


  1. We're staring down a 5th birthday. When did that happen! What a cutie you have there.

  2. Such fun pics! It is daunting at times! I let out a big breath when my 6yr old understood salvation and prayed. My four year old is not there yet can't wait for the day I can see them both as strong men of God.

  3. Hope he had a very happy 5th! And yes, it is an incredibly daunting and humbling task to point them to Jesus! Sometimes, I think it feels impossible, and then have to remember, it's not me, or by my power, but it's all God--I get that mixed up from time to time . . .

  4. That's a great way to look at life. Your post reminds me of Moses. I'm glad I stopped by. Your post really blessed me.



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