Thursday, August 16, 2012

embrace the camera ~ 8.16.12

my sister got married on Saturday, if you didn't know.  it was beautiful!  she was lovely, and he was on cloud 9 all day.  adorable!
so today i'm embracing a couple photos my uncle snapped at the reception.

i love my sisters.  
they are so very precious to me.  and i love that the older we get, the better we are about getting into pictures together.  some are pretty awful, with sweatpants and crazy hair.  thankfully, this one we all have on makeup and pretty dresses.  just ignore my mouth full of food.

and then there is my little family.  
i love how my boys look so much like the love of my life.  especially in this picture.  no one ever mistakes who their daddy is.  from time to time, i get asked if they are mine, but Nick never gets that question.  
it makes me happy.  

care to embrace the camera with us today??


  1. Oh you all look stunning! Such a cute family you have!

  2. Love the sister picture and love your sweet little boys--they look so much alike they could be twins!!

  3. *Adorable* family picture and I love the grey your sister chose for the bridesmaid dresses!!


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