Thursday, August 2, 2012

embrace the camera ~ 8-2-12

Nick and I don't often remember to take pictures together.  i don't know why. 
i hope to get better about this.  cuz i love him an awful lot!  
and i think he's hot.  so yeah.  :)

at the park, watching the boys play...

speaking of those boys, they were totally digging this 12-ish foot tall tower with a slide.

Christian decided to to business casual for the play ground.  i guess you never know who you might bump into while you're out and about. 

as a side note, today Alicia and i finished the second batch of oreo balls for her wedding.  1 week to go!
now to just stay out of the freezer so that the bridesmaids dress still fits...  lol!

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  1. My boys used to think that "Castle Park" was *SO* cool....and it's really not that great except for that awesome, vintage castle slide. Have you ever tried to go in that thing? I don't recommend it as I almost got stuck once and had visions of having to be rescued with the Jaws of Life. ha!


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