Thursday, July 12, 2012


you all look so bright and lovely this morning!  oh wait, that's just the new computer.  :)

yep, the reason for my absence was (mostly) do to the fact that our little lap top had decided that it just couldn't take it anymore.  i was told that 5 years is crazy old in computer years, almost ancient considering it lived in a home with kids.

so now, we have a new lap top to figure out.  it's very nice to look at (bigger screen and no smudgy finger prints, yet), but switching computers is more of a process than i realized.  example?  i plugged in my phone to upload my newest pictures, the computer recognized every picture as new (my 800-ish phone pictures now reside on an external hard drive).  oh, yeah.  you've never met this phone, huh, new computer?  so i think i will be spending a few nap times getting everything backed up and sync-ed.

but i wanted to stop here and tell you all that i have missed talking to you.  i would say talking with you, but it seems many of you are shy and choose to stop by without leaving a comment.  ;)  but i love you anyway!

so here's what we've been up to...

first time out on the lake this year.  

my dad, wake boarding.

a few treats.

i love herbs.  next year, i will have dozens of them!

oh, speaking of my garden, it's looking pretty good if i do say so myself.  i'm slowly, but surely getting the hang of growing things.  

i checked out about a dozen gardening books from the library this week (reserving books online = new favorite thing!) some about flowers, some about fruits and veggies.  i read 3 of them cover to cover, 4 or so i picked my way through, and the rest i decided to take back after reading the intro an realizing they weren't my style.  

there was one about gardening in the hot midwest that i found super helpful.  she kept it real, taking into consideration we have such a unique climate here in "the good life" state.  fridged winters with almost no snow, hot and humid summers that just seem to go on and on, very different growing conditions from those who write gardening books on the east coast or over in England.  

my favorite book was "Easy Growing", which i think i will be buying next month.  she talks about growing herbs and edible flowers.  i love growing herbs and next year i'm totally going to venture into flowers we can eat.  i think the boys will enjoy that as well.  

Easy Growing: Organic Herbs and Edible Flowers from Small Spaces
                  amazon link

anyway, i have little boys who are begging to be fed again.  so i must be off.  talk to you soon!


  1. Yay for a new computer! I love the library hold system--it might be one of my top ten favorite things ever! I'll have to check into that gardening book you mentioned as that seems foremost on my mind lately. Last week when we were back in Lincoln I had some holds at Gere and I saw your name hanging out of a book--made me smile. ;o)

  2. Looks like a great summer so far...I'm loving those beautiful herbs--and edible flowers sound like even more fun. Happy growing. :)

  3. Hooray~glad you managed to get a new computer. Perhaps sometime you'll have to show me how to back up my iphone. =)
    Your boys would love the idea of eating flowers. ;)

  4. Could you either email or FB me the name of the Midwest Gardening book, please. I need a little help sometimes too. thanks!


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