Tuesday, July 31, 2012

call me "crunchy"...

teeny tiny watermelon in my garden

i love finding more natural options and today i did a little happy dance in my chair when i came across this artical...
Keeper of the Home - how to make your own sunscreen

i know it is the last day in July, but i'm so happy i found this!  why?  because i've been wanting to make my own sunscreen all summer.  but thus far, all the recipes i found called for odd ingredients or things i'm allergic to.  this one is much simpler.

generally, we don't use sunscreen.  since gaining a big beautiful yard this spring, we've had many short exposures to the sun that have helped us build us a slight base tan.  we also try to take strait forward precautions if we are going to be out in the sun for a while (things like hats and swim t-shirts).  but sometimes, we do need a little extra somethin.

i hear it coming.  "Sarah, why on earth do you want to try and make something from scratch that is so easy to grab off the shelf?"

well, my husband will tell you it's because i'm turning into a hippy.  i believe that the correct term now a'days would be a "crunchy momma".  anyway, regardless of what you call me, i am going more and more natural all the time.  i do think there is a time and place and even occationally a need for conventional things; things like medicines, personal care products and even a frozen pizza now and then.  but if i can make it simpler, with less ingredients, avoiding things that are over processed or chemicals that are swimming in controversy, well then, why not?  (the post above lists a few ingredients in commercial sunscreen that are, let's just say, not so happily agreed on)

call me paranoid, but we've already battled cancer once.  that in and of it's self is reason for me to try and keep junk out of our bodies that might complicate things.

i've also noticed that when i keep things simple with what we put in and on our boys, they generally stay a little more mild.  don't get me wrong, they are still little sinners who need guidance and correction according to God's Word.  but everyone, especially little people, are happier when their bodies aren't trying to filter out scientifically engineered additives that make them feel yucky.

love these guys soooo much!

so i take responsibility for my families health and put in the extra effort on some of these little things when i can.  and when time, money, or my failing energy doesn't allow me to do these things, i buy the bottle off the shelf and trust God to take care of my family.

as much as i want to live a simple lifestyle, free from para-bins and microwaves, full of organic and free range options (insert husband eye roll here, lol!); i balance that with the needs that arise when serving my Lord and my family in this current age.

example?  sometime, i make soaked whole wheat buttermilk waffles for my family.  and sometimes, we eat the boxed mix that someone else has taken the time to prepare for us.   both are are eaten with a gracious smile and a thankful heart for the hands that prepared it.  because, never do i want a food choice (or skin care choice) to get in the way of ministering to someone!

so i guess i'm still on both sides of the fence when it comes to these natural things.  but don't be surprised if i tend to sound a little more "crunchy" as time goes on.   ;)


  1. I am right there with ya right now! On both sides of the fence. We haven't used a drop of sunscreen this summer either and I've been looking for a simple recipe to make my own, so thanks for posting this!! My husband rolls his eyes at me too :)

  2. Hooray for my crunchy mama friend! :) Love this posting...very well said. Sometimes time savings is as important as going natural. Looks like a great simple recipe...would love to hear how you like it! ;) *hugs*

  3. I like what you say about being on both sides of the fence . . . up in my head, in my dream life, I raise all my own food and bake all my own bread, and have my own cow . . . And then there is the reality of a small budget, a large family, the homeschooling . . . I've come to realize we each must do what we can with the resources we've got--always striving for our very best, and yet knowing that will mean different things for different families. I find myself in both worlds also--wishing I did more, but finding delight in what I'm able to do.


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