Wednesday, June 20, 2012

a rainy day house...

today is overcast and dark.  i believe there is a storm on the way.  there is occasionally a tiny rumble of what i think is thunder in the distance.  and my house is dark and full of long shadows.

it's lovely.

i read once that houses seem to have a time that fit them.  the author said she once had a house that, in the summer, was dark and empty feeling; but in the winter, the trees would shed their leaves and the sun would ride low in the sky and the same house would fill with light and come alive for her; it was a winter house.

i'm waiting to see for sure, but this house may be a rainy day house.

on sunny days, the long eaves and the short windows don't really allow for huge amounts of sunshine to pour in. in fact, when the the sun is out, the patio begs me to leave the confines of this house and relish in the outdoors.

but on a day like today, my house is wonderful.  

the various browns thought out my house; the chocolate exterior, the cork floors, the wooden beams and ceilings, the carpets and furniture, they just seem to relish in the soft filtered light from the clouds above.  with our low pitched rock roof and no attic to defuse the sounds, rain is a beautiful noise.  in my kitchen, the yellow (excuse me, harvest gold) seems to change from obnoxious to mellow and the lack of windows becomes unimportant, and it makes me smile to be in it.  my house feels comfortable today.  

and thinking back to that first walk through when i fell in love with this house, that was a rainy day too.

i think this might just be a rainy day house.


  1. I just love this--never thought of a house's personality in that way before, but I think all your pictures agree with your thoughts.

  2. What a lovely thought! I'm trying to think of what my house is and all that's coming to mind off the top of my head is "Boys Locker Room." I think I shall give it more thought and come up with something a bit more welcoming. ;)


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