Friday, June 8, 2012

oh, the tile...

and now for photos of my bathrooms.  yep.  while often overlooked in most homes, my bathrooms make a statement!  not sure what that statement is yet...  if nothing else, these 2 little rooms are always good for a giggle.

please note: the only reason you are getting to see photos of my bathrooms is because my lovely mother-in-law came to my rescue yesterday and cleaned them both, top to bottom, along with scrubbing many other areas of my house. praise the Lord for her!  :)

first up we have the full bathroom.

it's divided into two parts.  the vanity is in the first half, and the shower & toilet are in the back half.

i know what you're thinking.  yes, that is a lot of yellow.  the tile, trim, vanity, counter, sink and towel bars are all yellow.  the walls used to be yellow, but received the same soft gray as the rest of the house.  and the light used to look a weird yellow and give everything an odd neon hue, but once i look off the cover everything turned it's normal color.  so we have a bare florescent bulb until i can figure out a new way to cover it.   

and someone was thinking when they put in a towel bar on each side.  probably a mom, who understood that a young family can have several random damp objects at any given moment in time.  :)

i always need a clock in the bathroom and i found this one at Target for under $10.  i really like how it's all white, which really brings in some nice texture and depth without adding another color to this room...  

...cuz boy, do we have a conglomeration of color in here, if you just happen to look down.  

and after living with a wall mounted sink for the last 2 years, this counter top feels HUGE!  oh, and yes, that is a new faucet to the right.  i managed to pick it up at a garage sale for $5.  our current fixture gravitates towards hot and really doesn't have a spot for warm, so once we get things switched out, there should be no more burnt little fingers.  

this is the second half of the bathroom.  it's hard to get a good picture of the whole thing, since bathrooms are typically on the small side and this one is not an exception.  

yes, that is a tea towel covering the window.  one of these days we will splurge on real window coverings.  for now, we don't mind the "we-just-made-one-of-the-biggest-purchases-of-our-life-buying-this-house-and-this-is-what-we-already-owned" look.  

yellow toilet.  nuff said.

and two more towel bars.  it's an impossible reach to the left one when you are standing in the tub dripping wet, so that's where the boys towels get hung.  

and because we are both tall and prefer to wash the top third of our body, we picked up a new shower head and an extender at the home improvement store.  $40 well spent.  

i always have 2 curtain rods.  the outer one for the shower curtain, the inner one for dripping wet items.

and yeah, the idea of splitting the bathroom in half for a bit more privacy is kind of defeated by the fact that the wall is about a foot short of the ceiling.  oh, well.  no big since we have TWO bathrooms now!  (can ya tell i'm a little pleased by this fact?)

speaking of which, may i present...

the half bath

if you thought the yellow was a bit over the top, how do you feel about pink?  however, the vanity...

... and the toilet are white.  i'm not sure if they realized they were a bit over the top with the last one, thus trying to scale things back a bit; or if they couldn't get a good color match on the pink.  hmmm...

but they did match when it came to paint!  once again, the walls used to be pink, but got the gray.  but i have yet to get to the door and trim.  thus, the green frog tape lining things.  

and you have to love the floor!  everyone who has seen the floors have liked them.  except Isaac.  but he's a bit fickle.  

so yeah, those are our bathrooms.  hope that you got a laugh.  
so this makes #2 for the places in our new house that i have been daring enough to post on the internet.  :)
(#1 was our family room)

and now i am being beckoned to the back yard to give a "big push" on the new swing Nick made for the boys.

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  1. I love the gray in both! I think it really mellows out both the colors. And the polka-dot linoleum is still my very favorite. ;o)


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