Monday, June 25, 2012

my week in instagrams

my son, the hipster.

i asked him to show me his new work gloves.
he obliged with several ninja like moves.

new dishwasher!

son #1 at 8:00 am (would sleep longer if i would let him be)

son #2 at 8:00 am (been up for 2 hours)

pajamas + ride in the car + frozen yogurt = fun family evening

love this boy

family reunion this weekend
pj/movie time with cousin friends

singing praise songs with uncle Jay

the boys in their hiding spot

slip 'n slide fun

praising the Lord for extended family, play time outside, and many laughs this week.


  1. What a fun week! (and I'm still having instagram with my instagram-less phone . . .) ;o) I saw on fb you mentioned the cousin's name was Emmett?? What an awesome name! ;o)

  2. Yeah for family reunions! Isaac and Emmett were so cute together. Too bad it's only once every other year. =)


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