Monday, June 11, 2012

join me for some tea?

i love to have friends over for a cup of tea.  haven't done it as much since my boys have gotten bigger, because... well, it's hard to sit and chat when there are scream fights and potty accidents going on in the background.  so maybe to avoid the hollers and nerf darts flying over head, we should imagine to have a cup of tea.  

if you came over i would have to give you my new address.  and once you arrived i would give you the grand tour, showing you not just the family room and the crazy bathrooms, but all the other rooms and the backyard as well.  

then, i would put on the kettle and i would stand in my kitchen and chat with you over the counter about all the changes Nick and I have talked about doing to this kitchen.

once our tea was ready, we would sit in the family room, cuz that's the coziest spot for chatting it up.  plus, i can watch the kids play in the backyard from there.

what would we talk about?

probably about how Nick and I will be hosting Bible study at our house all summer.  it's a very mixed group, our Bible study.  it's full of young families, more seasoned couples and giddy newly weds, various ages of singles, and some random college students who pop in now and then.  it's a wonderful melting pot of people who love the Lord and it makes my heart swell to talk about these people that i enjoy so much.

inevitably, we would talk about kids.  I would share how Christian turned 3 yesterday and i'm happy to be nearly done with diapers (well, we're getting there), but lately i've been missing having a baby around the house.  I still pray often about adoption and God's timing for that in our life.  Isaac is learning his letters and will be reading before i know it.  His favorite song is "silent 'e' is a ninja" and it's funny to watch him tumble around the house pretending to be a ninja and beat box the accompaniment.

i would talk about how the Lord has been working in my life lately.  things like how good God has been to us and how i've had some ups and downs with my temper lately.  how i've been been learning that i need more humility and, honestly, it's very hard to admit that and a little scary to ask God to help you learn it.  but that's the thing about growing.  there is some pain that comes with it, as our wills are broken and our hearts brought into conformity with our Makers will.  but it always results in a closer walk with our Father, more joy in every situation, more peace within our own heart and with others.

there there would be some more casual things like husbands and kids again, because, let's be honest... i'm a stay at home mom and each day of my life is consumed with these boys.

hope you had a good time here.

p.s. if you read this "conversation" we had, please leave me a note.  all this technology makes it a lot harder to know who i'm talking to than if my door bell were to ring and you had a real cup of tea with me.  i would love to know who has been stopping by this address lately.  :)


  1. I enjoyed my cup of tea! I have been on vacation so it was so good to catch up with you! ;)
    P.S. - This is regarding a previous post about the bathrooms...I too love those polka dot floors!

  2. I called dibs on the aqua cup . . . it looks like it would hold a lot. ;o) This was a very fun posting--I know the internet gets a bad rap sometimes, but I'm thankful for how it allows me to maintain friendships during a time spending actual in-person time with friends is scarce. Have a lovely week!!

  3. I *so* enjoyed this tea time. :) Very cute posting, and great pics. Hope you have a moment to relax and enjoy a REAL cup of tea sometime. :) *hugs*


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