Saturday, May 5, 2012

swimming weather

decided to make the most of the humid 90-ish degree day we had today.  so, after making a quick trip to the library, i filled the pool for my boys to enjoy.  as always, the slide was plunked in to make it more exciting and add to the injury potential.  

once again, there was the need for clarifications of rules when it comes to releaving our bladders and where it is and is not appropriate to do so.  (especially, now that we back up to the high school sports field, where there was a track and field event today.   sigh...)

lots of running, chasing, jumping, splashing, sliding, squealing, and giggling.  thankfully, there were only minor injuries that they were able to "brush off" and no major mud puddles, which suprised me due to the many spots in our yard where there is currently no grass.  

it makes me happy to see them get along so well.  the older they get, the more they enjoy one another (and pound on one another) and it makes me so thankful for the way the Lord blessed us with 2 boys so close in age.  

i think that's the easiest they've gone down for naps in a LONG time.  

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  1. Love all these "summer" fun pictures! My kids have done the same thing with a similar slide we have--definitely made the pool more exciting! And yes, nothing like water play on a hot day to encourage WONDERFUL naps. ;o)


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