Friday, May 11, 2012

family room

so i've been noticibly absent again.  forgive me?  what if i bribe you with some house photos? then will you forgive me? oh good!  

oh, and please look past the mess.  unpacking and putting things away is much more difficult than it seems when you have 2 little boys.  :)

welcome to our family room!  i really enjoy this room.  it might just be my favorite room in the house.  it's at the back of the house (an addition done in the early 70's), so while there are big windows it still feels very private.  there is room for playing on the floor, but still just small enough that it feels cozy.  i fell in love with the fireplace the first time we walked through the house.  it has unmistakable personality.   

the built in's on the right currently have my tea cups and a cd player.  not much.  but i'm trying to be purposeful with where i put things.  that way i remember where they are and i don't have to move them again.  

this is the view out that window.  it's mostly of our next door yard.  it's owned by a sweet couple with very green thumbs.  i'm thankful that they don't have a privacy fence.  this way i get to enjoy the view without the work. ;)  

back inside, these are the built in's on the left side.  our books are slowly making their way onto the shelves. the cupboards hold games and puzzles and a few small toy animals.  and this room has a rule.  anything that comes out of the cupboards must go back in before you leave the room.  since it's little things, it's been very easy for the boys to follow this rule.  so far.  that door exits to our covered patio where the boys spend a lot of time.  it's very nice to be able to sit down with a book on the couch and see them playing in the backyard.   

(here's a quick pic of the boys blowing bubbles out on the patio.)

another thing i loved about this house is the ceilings.  through the main living space they are vaulted with large wooden beams, and in here and the living room they are completely covered with a ruff wood.  very 70's.  very dark.  very charming!  well, in my opinion.  i know some people might find it ugly and would want to rip them out.  but i love a house with it's own vibe!  so we will be keeping them. 

this is the view from sitting on the hearth.  please ignore my crazy living room.  we don't have much for furniture in there except the piano, a hand me down couch from my grandma, and a few random chairs.  so it's a little sparse and kind of a landing ground for boxes and a few odds & ends.  anyway, i painted this wall (both sides) a slightly darker gray than we painted the living room.  i feel like it makes a better transition from the light gray living room to the dark cedar walls in here.  

that's the doorway to the dining room & kitchen.  you can't go in there yet.  it's chaos.  (our dishwasher doesn't work and i'm having a tuff time getting back into the habit of washing everything by hand.)  having 2 entrances to the room makes for great traffic flow for guests and many foot races for little boys who do laps; family room, living room, dining room, family room, living room, dining room... eventually there is a leaping dive off that step and a ninja like tumble across the floor, followed by giggles from 2 little men.

so yeah.  hope you liked it.  i sure do!

p.s.  i'll try to get pictures once everything is decorated nicely.  i would love to get a large black and white print that a friend took over the mantle.  but all in time.  hopefully i will get the rest of the house somewhat put together and get some pictures up of other rooms.  or you could just stop by and see it.  it feels more cluttered in pictures than it does in real life.  


  1. Yay! I *LOVE* that room too, such a warm feeling with the very pretty fireplace...looks great already! :)

  2. What a room!! No wonder you loved the house--you are going to have so much fun with that! It looks so spacious too! Keep the pictures coming. ;o)


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