Thursday, May 17, 2012

embrace the camera ~ 5.17.12

pictures with my Christian.  this boy makes me laugh and sigh at the same time.  he's such an adorable little ball of trouble. 
his current favorites are...

his new hat, which is his favorite color, blue.  this boy lays claim to any and every thing that is blue.

calling out "check dis out!" and then performing an incredible stunt of some kind that always makes mommy cringe.

the step ladder that Lucas let us borrow for painting.  it's small enough he can tote it around the house, allowing him to reach any cupboard or counter in the house.  

picking flowers for mommy.

daddy.  he's constantly asking where daddy is, when daddy will be home, if he can help daddy, etc.  it makes me happy to see my little man love my man so very much.

are you embracing the camera today?

you may be wondering where my little photo bomber is (i.e. Isaac).  he fell asleep in the car around 5:00 pm.  he woke when we got home, but got fed up with his brother after about 10 minutes and crawled into bed.  there was a rousing around 5:00am to use the bathroom.  at 8:30 he came to join us for the day, dressed in his favorite red sweatpants & a white undershirt.  

we're all just taking it easy today.


  1. you guys are just adorable :-) Your Christian sounds like my Judah :-) always trying to give me a heart attack with his mischievous ways but then melts my heart with a sweet smile

  2. Very sweet pictures of you and your littlest man! ;o)


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