Thursday, April 12, 2012


Psalm 28:6-7
"Blessed be the Lord,
Because He has heard the
    voice of my
The Lord is my strength
    and my shield;
My heart trusts in Him,
    and I am helped;
Therefore my heart
And with my song i shall
    thank Him."

i love how you can open the Psalms and find so many lovely words that sing the praises of our Lord and remind us of His faithfulness and strength, and prompt us to praise Him for those qualities.

my day, this Thursday, will not be filled with the more difficult kind of trials (nothing heart or cancer related), but simply much to do.  as i predicted, our upcoming moving date is suddenly much closer than i realized.  so i have a long list of things to accomplish today.  things like...

-a mountain of laundry, including many pairs of pants & grungies from a certain potty trainer who has been choosing to be difficult about it all this week.

-a bathroom in need of some deep cleaning, in order to help the whole duplex clean (after we move out) go a little faster.

-a fridge that needs some love after a package of thawing meat spilled it's "juices" all over the bottom shelf.  yuck!

-my sewing room, that needs to be completely boxed up; because, let's be realistic, i'm not going to have time for anymore sewing or crafts until after we get this circus moved.

i'm praying that today my heart will be prepared to praise God for everything that i come up against.  that i will be full of peace as i deal with the 2 sinful little hearts that i am trying to train, and that i will be at ease when i have to break from my todo list to referee the spats that come up so often.  i pray that i will be full of joy and happiness as i attempt to complete so many tasks in the few hours that seem to remain in this day, and will end the day with the pleasure of knowing that i worked hard for the honor of my Lord.

p.s. i am tickled pink at the discovery of  i was recently told that the vocabulary of the average american is significantly less than that of previous generations.  and while i cannot verify the exact stats given, it reminded me that we have been blessed with so many different words in which to use to bring honor to God.  so why not try and expand the ways in which we praise our Lord, and add new fun words to our routine?  what are some fun new words you have taken a shine to?  i'm digging elated, and panegyrize.  :)

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  1. Praying for you today as you accomplish your list! Moving always makes me excited, but somehow I always forget the crazy amount of work involved--and that it always takes longer with little people in your care. Hope your day is productive!


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