Tuesday, April 17, 2012

we're walking, we're walking...

that's right!  today was the official "walk through" of our new house before closing.  for those who have never bought a house before, a walk through is just something that you do before signing all the papers, so that you can double check the house and say "yes, this is the condition that it was in when i put in my offer, so we are good to go!"  and everything about the house was great!

our front door.  (eventually that bush will be replaced.)

while we were there, i took note of a few things that i hadn't thought about before.

-the outlets are the same odd yellow as the walls.  over time, we will replace the old 2 prongs with the current code 3 prong grounded kind, so for a while, they won't match the new colors i've picked for the walls.  but that's ok.

-the entire inside of our garage is yellow.  not sure why, when, the exterior of the house is brown.  but whatever the reason, it makes me smile.

-while the family room that was added to the house kind of eats into our backyard space, i'm already noticing that the removal of some oddly positioned bushes & flowers will really help open up some good green space.  but for now, i'm trying to keep my focus inside the house.  the yard goes on next summer's list of projects!

the only big bummer was the fact that my littlest man had an "accident" of the #2 variety.  sigh... i did have a spare pair of boxer briefs in the car, but hopefully our new neighbors didn't notice our child walking out to the car wearing cowboy boots and no pants.  talk about redneck...

anyway, it was encouraging to know that we are so close.  definitely looking forward to being in our new place!

p.s. i grabbed a couple pad locks for the side gates, but still need to pick up a carabiner for the gate between our backyard and our neighbors backyard.  we're thinking that might look a little less snotty than a pad lock ("oh, hey, we haven't met you yet, but we are implying we want nothing to do with you by locking the gate between our properties"), but still keep the toddlers from letting themselves in to explore/go knocking on their back patio door.  at least, we hope it comes off as less snotty.  thoughts?  comments?  smart remarks?


  1. I love it that Isaac is winking, they will have so much fun. So happy for all of you. Love Mom

  2. YAY!!! Padlocking gates . . . perfectly normal behavior when you have little boys in your possession--hopefully your neighbors will understand that! ;o)
    Do you have an offical move-in date set, or are you hoping to do lots of painting/etc before-hand?

  3. Excited for you guys...and smiling thinking about all the "charm" awaiting updating...good call on the non-padlock. :)


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