Wednesday, April 4, 2012

things that make me smile ~ 4.4.12

1. a "new" kitchen
looking forward to going from 3 feet of kitchen counters to, like, WAY more in our new house at the end of this month!  at moments, the 28th feels so far away, but i already know that it will be here before i'm ready.  so much to pack, yet every time i box something up, i find myself diving in a day or two later in need of said items.  :)

most of the time we are helpful.  at other moments, we are the comic relief.  :)

[insert mental photo of beautiful vintage-esque dress here]

3. my bridesmaid dress for said wedding.  
today i stopped in a bridal shop to try on the dress i'm going to order cuz i was unsure of which size to get, do to my rather dramatic pear shape.  i was thinking of getting a size 14, since that's what the web site said would accommodate my plentiful backside best.  yet, once in the store i found that, due to some strategic pleating by the designer,  the size 6 fit almost perfectly.  *little happy dance *  
i know that size is just a number, but those numbers have a way of messing with you mentally.  

teal door

4. bright colored doors
(image found here)
i'm totally digging colors like the above teal, "determined orange", and "retro avocado".  and all 3 look completely at home in our new home. 

5. homemade lemon bars
made a small batch of these yesterday.  oh, so good!   but i need to be careful, since i'm about to order that bridesmaid dress.  then again, i've got a few months to try and burn them off, right?  ;)

6. purple trees.  
spring has sprung and these beauties have been bursting out across the city.  next summer, i would love to plant a pair of these in front of our new little brown house.  it will be stunning!

7.  funny things my Isaac says.  
today as i tucked him in for his "rest time" he asked if i used to sing him lullaby's as a baby.  i told him that i hang hymns, to which he requested one.  after a verse of Rock of Ages and then Amazing Grace, he responded with...
"what else ya got?"

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