Monday, April 2, 2012

garden rocks

there are tons of different garden markers out there.  everything from basic wooden stakes with sharpie writing on them, to old silver spoons pounded flat with words engraved in them, which always seem to run a pretty penny and never have the names i need on them anyway.  and while i'm typically a wooden stake and sharpie type of gardener, the other day i decided to have a little fun...

aren't they cute???  and they will add just the right touch of pretty to our garden. 

 our garden, full of tiny seeds and lots of potential!

did you know that i garden?  yep!  not at our rental, but out at my Mom and Dad's farm, we have a large family garden that me & my sis-in-law, Jamie, plan and work in.  this is our second summer and already we feel like it's more of a success than last year (2011 was a learning year for us).  

anyway, back to the rocks.  

they aren't anything fancy, just rocks that my dad had pulled out of a field and some left over outdoor paint.  but i think they are lovely.  and i'm so excited to have these little pops of color in among our veggies, herbs and fruits.  

i have a couple more to do and one to redo (i misspelled spinach, oops!) and then they will be loaded up in a laundry basket and taken out to our garden.  

and while we still have the little wooden stakes in place to help us remember the details, like the date planted, it will be so fun to have to dress up the dirt with our new pretties!

who knew that a pile of rocks could make me smile so much??  

p.s.  do to all of this nice weather, i'm so looking forward to our new house with it's big backyard that is fenced all the way around!  it will be so great to turn little boys loose back there without having to stay near a window to keep an eye on  them (like i have to do at our rental).  so excited and thankful to the Lord for all the things that the month of April holds for us!!

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  1. Those are super cute! What a fun pop of color for the garden. When we were growing up my mom always used old wooden shingles that we "impaled" the empty seed packet on. Yours look more weather resistant. ;o)


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