Monday, April 16, 2012

a summary - 6 months gluten free

geepers!  6 months.  in some ways that feels like it went so quickly, and yet, it took forever while i was in it.

to wrap it all up, back in September, we went gluten free for myself and Isaac in effort to correct some gut troubles and other little issues that can sometimes be connected to celiacs.

it was tuff, to say it simply.  i had to learn tons of new food ingredient names and how to spot the ambiguous ones, like "food starch" or "natural flavor".

it was expensive.    because flour is cheap, many items made gluten free have to use other more pricy ingredients, thus making an everyday food suddenly expencive.  and in order to avoid cross contamination, i had to buy new packages of many things that are naturally gluten free, such as peanut butter, jelly, sugars, mayo, etc. (anything that might have had a scooper or knife in it that held crumbs or other little traces).

and there were times when i would sit on the floor and cry because there were so few eat-out-options for taking a night off.

but there were also blessings.

i have learned so much more about processed food and what those long mysterious food ingredients really are.  i have gained a new respect for people and restaurants that keep tabs on everything in their kitchen so that they have an "allergy safe" cooking environment.  i have grown in my ability to serve others by now knowing how to make food that my gluten free friends can enjoy with peace of mind.  and it has been exciting to share with the blogging world the things that i have been creating.

and now, our gluten free journey comes to an end.  because it has been such a big part of my life for half a year, i think i will always continue to keep an eye out for it; just as i have with dairy and soy, from when i cut them out of my diet when nursing my 2 baby boys.  and because i seem to be friends with many people who have celiacs, i will continue to work to find new recipes for them to enjoy with me.  but, my little family will be headed in a slightly different direction from now on.

so if you came here for the gluten free tips or suggestions, or if you stopped by for the recipes, i hope you aren't too disappointed.  as i said, i think it will always be on my mind from this point on so i may try to include suggestions for making my recipes gluten free.  and because i have a cupboard full of wonderful and different grains i'm sure there will be more than just "wheat" flour used in my cooking/baking.

i hope you will continue to stop by and see what we are up to.

thanks, friends!


  1. Did it seem to have any positive effect on your health? I'm curious because from what I have read it seems that the average person (with no celiac disease/allergy) wouldn't get any benefit from cutting out gluten, and can end up not getting enough fiber or certain nutrients in their diet. (I'm sure you kept these nutritional needs in mind, though, based on your blog.)

  2. actually, we felt very good on the gluten free diet. but the benifits came from our new habits we formed by eating way more fruits and veggies, more grilled meat, and less carbs. not to mention that we cut out all fast food & most junk food (almost none of it is those are habits that we hope to continue. though we have hit a couple drive throughs recently to save our sanity in this packing craziness. :)


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