Tuesday, April 3, 2012

quesadilla burgers

that boy.  i can't seem to get a single picture of him with a nice natural smile anymore. 

with the summer like weather we've been having (90's yesterday), i've been in the mood to grill.  it get's us outside, the boys running circles around Nick as he tends the meat, me in and out as i bring the sides that need to be tossed off and on the grill.  

since we all love burgers, it was natural to whip up a batch for our hot-summer-feeling day.  and while our usual fall back is in-n-out knock off burgers, i chose to save my gluten free bread for lunch the next day and use tortillas as a carrier.  and naturally, the best things to accompany beef & tortillas would be onions, peppers, tomatoes and cheese!  which really just results in a quesadilla with a burger inside.  and that's fine by me!

Quesadilla Burgers
burger patties
chopped veggies such as onions, peppers & tomatoes
cheeses like pepper jack or cheddar, or both
small corn tortillas
toppings, sour cream & guacamole 

make up your hamburger patties with whatever seasoning you would like.  my favorite is soy sauce, salt, pepper, ground mustard and marjoram.  grill them over a medium-ish heat until they are cooked throughout.  
toss 2 small corn tortillas for each burger patty directly onto the grill.  
top 1 with a little cheese & chopped veggies (i grilled my onions until soft before putting them on the tortilla).  

move your burger on top of the tortilla & add more of everything, including your other tortilla.
once the cheese is melted and edges of your tortillas are lightly crisp, remove from the grill and eat them immediately!

and what's any kind of a quesadilla without quac & sour cream?  

because of the huge amount of tomatoes and peppers we put on them, i felt like we really didn't need a side. but a little pineapple seemed to balance everything out perfectly.

p.s. has your grill made it out of winter storage yet?  if so, what have you been cookin'?  i love to do burgers (obviously), fish & pizza.  

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