Monday, April 9, 2012


the quality of this photo is terrible.
but his face was so sweet.  they had come into our room around 7am on saturday and he fell back asleep, even with his little brother tumbling around and giggling with daddy.  

last night we got home and carried sleeping boys into the house.  and about 2 minutes after they were laid in bed, Christian began to giggle.  he was still asleep, but the sounds of his little belly laughs filled our quiet house.  one of the sweetest things ever.  

i hope i never forget how my little boys look when they are sleeping.  

even when they are teenagers and i have to dump them out of bed in the mornings for school; i hope i think about how sweet they were at the ages of 2 & 4.


and speaking of sleep, i thought i would share a tip for early rising toddlers.  

i learned this from a friend, and i thought she was a genius!

we have a small rocket night light that we hung from the ceiling.  it's not so bright to wake the boys, but light enough that it's easy for them to see come on if they are already awake.

that rocket night light is plugged into a timer (it's supposed to be for your christmas lights).
the outlet turns off and on according to what we set the dial to.
so, the rule in our house is...
"you can't get out of bed until the rocket light turns on!"

this has made for an easy way to keep our boys in bed until a reasonable hour of the day (ours is set for 7am in the morning and 3pm after naps).  no more 2 year olds barreling into our room at 5:45am.  ;)


  1. That is a fabulous idea! I could have used it a few years ago when my boys were getting up CRAZY early. Thankfully they've mostly outgrown the need to be up before 5:30 . . . (phew!!) ;o)

  2. I love that picture of Isaac. It is my favorite!


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