Monday, April 30, 2012

moving in

sorry we've been silent for a while.  it's been busy.  why?  well, let me fill you in on the timeline from the last couple weeks.

April 20 - closing on our new house!  turns out that the pile of paperwork for an old house is a lot less than the pile we had to sign for our new construction house we bought last time around.  like 30 minutes as opposed to over 2 hours.  yeah, we walked out with a spring in our step and no writers cramp in our hands.  

hooray for wallpaper coming off in full sheets.  it was still a slow process, but spraying it down with hot water and vinegar really loosened the glues grip & it was gone in a few hours.

April 21-26 - prepping the house for our family.  there were no major renovations that needed to be done, just an overwhelming amount of neon yellow that needed to be covered & 1 wall of wallpaper to strip.  and after crawling around on the shag carpet, we realized how grubby it was (not to mention running across something sharp a couple times) and decided it had to be pulled.  we dropped a pretty penny on paint (it really adds up when you have to repaint all the walls throughout 1500 sq ft of house), but we will be waiting a while before undertaking anything majorly $.  however, it's amazing the amount of change can come from a bit a lot of paint.  
trim.  i typically prefer it unpainted.  but with 3-4 layers of color being revealed once the carpet was gone, it definately need a thick coat of white.  

pretty paint colors in the new sewing/school room!

the living room had cork floors hidden away under the shag.  their imperfect yet beautiful condition was a very nice surprise.  

April 27 - the Nebraska state homeschool convention.  lot of people thought i was crazy for taking a day off of painting and packing to go look at school books and listen to speakers.  but when something is important to you, you make time for it.  i got a couple of minor things and purchased some math curriculum for Isaac.  math is the only subject that kind of scares me to try and teach, so i was really excited to find something that people spoke very highly of and made sense to my artsy right brained head.  and since i didn't have much to get, i spent part of the afternoon and evening finishing up the last of the pre-move tasks

April 28 - moving day!  since my in-laws were so sweet to take the boys for a long weekend, Nick and i were able to move without the distraction of little men trying to "help".  real help arrived throughout the morning, in the form of over a dozen people from our church & family, bringing pickup trucks, willing hands & much encouragement.  

i think we may have solidified our place as the neighborhood rednecks when we pulled up with a rusted old livestock trailer instead of a moving truck.  ah, well, once a farm kid, always a farm kid. 

my heart was really encouraged by the amount of non-moving type tasks people helped with.  everything from washing dishes, scrubbing floors & vacuuming the old place, unpacking boxes in the new kitchen & bathroom, shuffling furniture as i changed my mind, assembling beds & putting on all the bedding.  let me just say, my friends are amazing people from the Lord!  after a late lunch, i sent Nick off with a kiss and the last of the donuts to go shooting with some buddies.  and while that sounds so sweet and generous of me, i did have slightly selfish motives, as i spent the evening with my sister, watching HGTV & painting our nails. 

the incredible thing about this mayhem, is that the 4 feet of uncluttered counter space is more than i had in our old place, so my mood is surprisingly upbeat .  

so now we have turned in our keys to the duplex and are living it up in our funky little ranch, living out of boxes and shuffling things around to try and establish our grove.  slowly but surely, i'm getting things in their place & flattening the boxes.  it will be a while before it's very presentable but we praise the Lord for His goodness towards us.


  1. We were GLAD to keep the boys!

  2. We were GLAD to keep the boys and are so happy you are in your home!

  3. The livestock trailer brought back fond memories of our first move out of an apartment. My dad hosed out his hog trailer real good and everything we owned fit neatly inside. ;o) As long as everything gets there in one piece who say it has to ride in style?? ;o) Enjoy your new home!!


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