Friday, March 2, 2012

some random happenings

we didn't get a fort made this morning, since i actually managed to get the boys excited about running errands.  maybe after nap time we'll build something. 

we went to Sam's club and picked up some staple items we were in need of, plus a few flowers.  since Gerber daisies are $4 each at Hy-vee, i have been holding off.  so when i spotted a bunch of 10 bright orange daisies for $8, well, how can you say no to that?  have i mentioned before how much i love orange?  well i do!   and don't they look sharp with the green spider mums?  makes me smile every time i look at my table, now.  :)

to reward my boys for their good behavior (and to give mommy a bit of a boost) we stopped in and shared a Juice Stop.  did you know that Juice Stop puts coupons in the fliers that get shoved in your mailbox?  i had one for .50 cents off, the same cost as the 2 empty little cups, so it evened out perfectly.  :)

(yes, they charge me .25 cents each for little empty cups.  however, i pour a small amount into both boys cups out of my large cup, and then it doesn't turn into a chugging contest to see who can get the most down in their turn holding the big cup; which usually results in nearly no smoothy for mommy.  
.50 cents for some peace and no brain freezes?  well worth it!) 

i cut up a box to use for a fabric painting project.  Isaac immediately snatched up the scraps and proceeded to color each member of our family.  from left to right: Mommy, Isaac, Christian, Daddy.  it was pointed out that he drew Mommy taller than Daddy cuz, well, Mommy IS taller than Daddy.  funny how he's starting to notice these things.  :)

(yes, he used markers which totally breaks one of my sanity rules, and sure enough i was scrubbing marker off of little boys that evening... sigh...)

i mailed 5 letters to Kalamazoo.  sounds like the beginning of a Dr. Suess book, doesn't it?  but it's actually to enter to win a $500 gift card to The Children's Place (we really like their clothes).  the email about the give away was actually promoting getting/using their in store credit card.  however, a quick read of the rules showed me that mailing a 3x5 card with some of your basic give away info would be a valid entry with no need to get a credit card or buy anything.  :)  contest goes through the end of the month, so if i get another few minutes one of these days, i may send some more.  

(yes, i know that i'm using postage, but since we pay most of our bills online now a-days, i think it balances out.  or maybe it's just job security for some postal worker.)

gave haircuts to my two little men yesterday.  nice and trim all around, yet when i was putting them in the tub, i noticed that Isaac had a tiny bald spot.  when i asked him about it, the truth came out that while i was out of the bathroom getting Christian, he had turned on the trimmers (no guard) and tried to give himself a haircut.  i think he heard me coming back, thus the job was left unfinished.  

(and no, i didn't do much about it.  his hair is short, it's a small spot on the top of his head and he's a boy, so i'm not too worried about it.)  

oh, and if you're looking for a cute book, we are enjoying Brewster the Rooster.  since my loud and energetic boys are a bit of a handful at the library, i popped in and grabbed a load of books without them last night.  this morning we managed to read 11 of them, but i think this is one of the funnest we got.  

(i already know that a library is a wonderful place for children to learn, so please don't make me feel bad for not taking them with me very often.  however, if you would like the opportunity to try and wrangle these 2 highly excitable boys AND keep them quiet in a library, i will happily lend them to you for a couple hours!)

so that's us lately.  Praise the Lord for all of the little things filling our days.  so many blessings he gives us!

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  1. Oh Sarah . . . some of my most stressed out mommy moments have been spent at libraries with rambunctious boys! Whenever the option presented itself to run in and grab what I needed you can bet I jumped at it. ;o) (Sadly those moments were few and far between) Thankfully, we're finally getting to a point where it is not the ordeal it used to be!! We'll have to check out "Brewster"--it looks cute! Tell Isaac what an awesome family he drew--I love kids' early representations of people--doesn't get much more adorable than that!


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