Thursday, March 8, 2012

on the hunt...

today, i'm happy to be packing up little boys and taking them over to my fantastic bro & sis -in-law's house for some doubled up little man craziness.  they have 2 boys that match up age wise with my boys, plus 2 little ladies, so it's always fun to put them all together.

Calvin and Isaac trying on helmets before going on a cave walk

Jude checking out the helmet Christian couldn't quite manage to keep on his head.

  and while little tornadoes play, me and my darling husband will be walking through several houses.  

now when we started house hunting i thought i would have a few posts all house hunters -esque.  especially after reading one of my favorite blogs for home ideas, who did a series of house hunting posts; like this one,this oneand this-a one; a cute little series of 3 just like the tv shows.  

but i have knicksed that cute posting idea since we've been home shopping for a while.  since like, October-ish?  yeah, we've been through a lot of houses!  

there have been 2 we have loved (one we even put an offer on) but God closed both those doors.  and there have been DOZENS that we haven't loved.  

in order to try and make sure we find the things that we need for our family and to make sure we aren't being overly picky, i have made a list of items we would like in a house.  nothing is set in stone, but rather they are ranked by how important they are to our family.  something like "master bedroom big enough for a king size bed" is something that i would like, but our family will be able to live quite comfortably without that request, so it's on the list, but a definate take it or leave it item.  however, "3 bedrooms plus a place to put a 4th bedroom or office space" is very important to us now and how we would like to grow our family, so it is **double starred (aka. VERY important).  

even with the list, i sometimes wonder if we are being a bit finicky.  do we nit pick a bit much since we have already owned a rather nice and large house?  is that why our house hunt is taking so long?

i've spent a lot of time in prayer over these questions.  and i keep coming back to the same answers.  

God is teaching us.  

i know that we are working with a more limited budget than last time, and i know that being in a month to month lease gives us a lot of freedom with our time table.  i believe that our heavenly Father is using these two things to teach us to trust Him.  He will provide the right house at the right time.  i must be willing to trust that He knows better than i do, and i must put into practice the fruits of the Spirit that i know in my head.  things like patience, joy, and self control are all required when you walk through the 30th house that is a no. 
i trust that by growing those qualities, i will find them all the more readily accessible when other tuff things come along.  there are a million situations where these fruits will be an amazing blessing and my Father knows that.  

so i trust that He knows best, and i will continue to walk through houses, hoping that this next house will be the right house.  

Old screen door ~love
(source unknown)

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  1. Love this posting, and you sharing all the Lord is teaching. Praying that it will be an obvious decision for you when the time comes. (And we had TONS of fun with the boys! They were so good.)


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