Monday, March 26, 2012

mr. inspector

so i'm scared to call it official, because there are still papers to be signed & keys to be exchanged, but we are well on our way to home ownership!  wait, can i say it that way when we still own our first home (though it be half way across the country with another family living in it)?  yes, i think so.  anyway...

our offer has been accepted, the house has been inspected, and we are waiting to hear if our addendum will be rejected.  hee,hee!  ok, sorry.  but with a 4 year old in my home, we are in rhyming mode about 25% of the time.

but seriously, would you not agree a house is possibly the most exciting thing you will buy?  i think it is.  and i've been waiting for this one for a while (i'm sure you remember since i've been talking about it back here and here)

today was the inspections and it checked out great!  obviously no house is perfect and, considering it's age, this one had a couple things that needed to be addressed.  but the biggies were all good (basement walls, roof, etc.)!  and i spent a couple minutes taking notes of things that Nick and I will want to take care of before there are piles of boxes and furniture filling the place.

my list currently includes, but is not limited too (just in case hubby reads this post)...
-pulling out carpet in the dining room and kitchen, then assessing if the cork under it is acceptable (green shag isn't my idea of toddler meal time friendly)
-possibly pulling out carpet in the living room and assessing the cork floors there as well
-put a new sturdier back door on the garage (it currently has a light weight "screen door" type)
-clean out the window wells in the patio area and cover with something sturdy to avoid little boys playing in them
-replace the old florescent light bulb in the full bath that currently makes the light yellow tile glow an odd neon green color
-possibly replace the non-working dishwasher
-remove wallpaper on the south kitchen wall (and thank the Lord there is only 1 wall of wallpaper!)
-take down the 2 shutter doors to the kitchen
-hang curtains in the bedrooms and family room

the list of rooms to paint is...
-kitchen and dining room (currently yellow, thinking light grey or white for now)
-1/2 bath, or, the pink bathroom, as i call it (maybe light grey to tone down all the pink tile)
-full bath, or, the yellow bathroom (not sure, but there is currently way too much yellow in there!)
-master bedroom (right now it's an uneven coat of beige, thinking grey with a teal wall?)
-the boys room (currently a hideous shade somewhere between brown and yellow)
-living room (i guess this lady really liked yellow)
-family room (just the east wall that is the same yellow as the dining and living room)

yes, i know that sounds like a lot, but we should close 2 weekends before we have to be out of our duplex; so that's more than enough time to throw a couple coats on the wall, right?  after all, i have a sister-in-law (Jamie) who has had tons of experience painting her own houses and a soon-to-be-brother-in-law who's an expert at painting trim.  ;)

i'll let you know as i get things done, and hope to share lots of before and after pictures of this fantastic & funky little ranch as we make it ours.  after all, with such a handy husband (he worked in remodeling while attending college) we have several other projects of varying sizes that we will be working on over the next few years.  

noticed this big beautiful bush today in our new back yard 

in the mean time, i will be packing away and thinking about all the fun things that we have waiting for us in our new home!  things like a wood burning fireplace, a kitchen twice the size of what i have now, 2 bathrooms(!), and lots and lots of space.  

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  1. Yay!! So happy for you guys--will keep praying all those little details come together--and I'm so looking forward to seeing all of your makeovers (and maybe living vicariously through you a bit!). ;o)Take lots of pics!!


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