Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday's Fort

i found some glow sticks in the Target dollar bin about a month ago.  
a pack of 15 glow sticks for $1?  i'll take 4! 
never know when a glow stick will come in handy.
like today, when our fort is a simple blanket over chairs style fort.

don't the glowing bracelets take it to a whole new level?

the open front allows easy access and great movie viewing opprotunity

having a blast in the dark

crowns for elephant & bear
yep, that's the name of the elephant & bear.
we aren't super creative with stuffed animal names around here.
except for Isaac's dog, who's name is Barfy.
yep, Barfy.  
it's because his bark sounds like "arff!"
and you can't just call a dog Barf, you have to add that affectionate suffix to the end, y.
(think honey, sweety, shorty, etc.)
so Barfy it is.

 feel free to drop in if your in the basement.  

apologies for the terrible photo's.  basement lighting does that.

as the weather gets nicer, i hope to be able to do some forts outside.  but i think a trip to the hardware store will be required before that can happen.  needin some heavy duty clamps and some rope.  

we are dreaming of warm weather and full days spent outside.  

until then, you will probably continue to find us in the basement, with terrible photos from poor lighting. 

p.s.  if your curious as to the results from the house hunting post from yesterday, no we didn't find "the one!"  we looked through 4 houses with our realtor.  2 were beautiful but not realistic for us due to teeny-tiny kitchens & short basements.  Nick found one he kind of liked, and i found one i kind of liked.  unfortunately, they were not the same house.  so the hunt continues.  i'll let you know if the Lord opens a door on anything.  thanks for your prayers!

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