Monday, March 5, 2012

friday night out

Friday we had a good supper at home and then took the boys down to the Haymarket (a historic and fun part of downtown).  after spending a half hour looking for a parking spot, we finally made it into the Creamery Building, a beautiful old building with various shops, a coffee spot and one of the best ice cream places in town, Ivanna Cone.  

the boys loved the big open staircase.

one of our favorite things about Ivanna Cone is the fact that they always have at least one dairy free option.  Isaac, my dairy free boy, was lovin' the green apple sorbet.

me and my love!

after ice cream we just ran around and looked at all the fun things.  Isaac thought this window was great, especially because it had a sill that was about a foot deep, perfect for little boys.

Christian thought the "big man" was so funny.  

hope you had a good weekend as well!

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