Thursday, March 1, 2012

food... yum!

had a bit of a slow start yesterday morning.  but by afternoon, we had an unexpected surge of energy resulting in no naps taken and several batches of goodies made.

said goodies included...
3 small loaves of banana bread
1 large loaf of banana bread
3 small loaves of zucchini bread
1 large loaf of chocolate chip zucchini bread
dozen zucchini (bread) mini donuts
dozen zucchini bread mini muffins
1 pan of carrot and zucchini bars with lemon cream cheese frosting (i used g.f. flour + 1 t. xanthan gum)

can you say yum?

i had a "helper" for all of this.  in reality, he actually spent most of the time begging to turn the mixer off and on, brandishing the spatula like a sword and/or ninja staff, & sticking his fingers in the food.

there was some helping involved.  he attempted to scrape the bowl for me a few times.  he showed me that he didn't need to watch while dumping flour into the mixing bowl, which resulted in mommy wiping a 1/2 c. flour off the mixer and counter.  and cracked a few eggs for me.  only once did i have to fish for shell.

he'll get there eventually.  

and i think we're set on baked goods for a while.  :)

p.s.  on the subject of cooking, i have been desiring a toaster oven for while now, only really waiting til we buy a house (one less thing to move & one less thing to fit on my tiny counters here).  however, this article about microwaves has spurred me on a bit more.  i don't use mine a lot anymore, but now i'm thinking of avoiding it as much as i can.  and before some of you get all up in arms defending your microwave, know that's just fine with me.  i simply have different convictions about using a microwave.  :)

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