Friday, March 30, 2012


the date is slowly but surly moving closer.  and while i've done a bit of packing of things we don't use regularly (pictures and decor stuff) i've not been in a rush to get everything boxed up.  i like to take my time and put specific things together, label well and decide other details as i go, so that the un-boxing goes smoothly.  if i get a couple minutes, i'll share my packing process.  after all, since i have moved my little family halfway across the country twice, i feel like i'm a bit of a pro by now.  :)

but yesterday i took some time to do paint research.  

see, our new house is an array of paint colors that all seem to shout of the 50's and 60's.  it's hard to discribe the colors, since when i say "yellow" you will think of the current, trendy yellow, not this...

that's right, pale & slightly green undertoned yellow walls throughout the living spaces.  oh, and now you see the carpet that i mentioned.  and yes, it's a shag; and yes, it runs though the dining, living, and basement.  :)

then we have this...


Isaac told me that will be the girls bathroom.  since it's pink.  and it feels just as pink in person.  

so there has been talk about what to paint and what colors to paint.  

in order to avoid getting overwhelmed while standing in the aisle full of a million little color cards, i just grabbed a couple handfuls of things that grabbed me, a couple neutrals, and brought them all home to decide.  

i laid them all out in groups of like colors.  then i booted up the computer and pulled up my inside ideas folder from pinterest.  that's where i've been sticking pictures of home interior that i liked.  so now i had some  photos to guide me through this maze of color swatches.  

i picked pictures of living spaces that i liked the colors though out. 

love this (minus the antler chandelier)

found via pinterest, source here

lovely couch & colors
image found via pinterest, source here

like the colors
image found via pinterest, source here

i used these to help me realize what i liked in small amounts (blues, oranges, and a particular green) and what i liked as primary wall colors (warm gray's) and how to bring them together in different spaces.  in the end i've got it down to about a dozen colors that Nick is also a fan of.  now, i can take my little pile over to the house the day we get the keys and make sure that my "top 6" jive ok with carpets and woodwork, while still having a few other options if i need a different hue to help stuff blend.

as for where we will be buying the paint?  well, when i stopped in Sherwin-Williams to pick a second round of colors, the very nice man working there clued me in to a big sale they have coming up.  in fact, the weekend we close (the 20th) there will be a 40% off sale in the store.  that brings their nice quality no-VOC paint down to the same price as Lowe's.  i was so grateful that he dropped this bit of news!

so now that i've narrowed the pallet and priced the options, i'm back to packing in between regular household chores and errands.

but don't worry, we aren't all work and no fun.  these two find ways to make me laugh even during the simple task of running to the store for a couple items.

p.s.   because this house has so much more space than we have ever had before, we are carefully watching our purchases for our new house.  so, if you happen to spot a great deal on furniture, give me a heads up!  i'm on the hunt for anything mid-century modern (check my pinterest folder if you want to see what i'm talking about).  end tables, a dresser, one or two chairs, or especially a couch!  thanks friends!  


  1. So fun and I'm so excited for you! I must say out here I doubt I'll come across any furniture (miss Lincoln's CL dreadfully!) but if I do I'll let you know (or if you happen to see something on North Platte's CL we tend to be there on Sunday's--as long as we could shove it in our minivan with all of us . . .) ;o)

  2. I love how distinctly 50s your style is, this house fits you guys perfect! =) So excited to see what you can do with it!


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