Friday, March 16, 2012

beautiful weather

with days in the 70's we have been spending a TON of time outside.  nothin' fancy, just plain old bike riding and sand box playing.  there have been snacks eaten in the grass and a nap time or two skipped due to lovely temperatures given by our good and gracious Lord God.  

warmer weather has brought the shorts out of the basement and the sunglasses home from the dollar rack at Target.  this is Isaac playing it cool.  

to this second shot, you will have to imagine the wink and flirtatious snap/finger shoot that Uncle Jared taught him to do, as i didn't quite catch it on film (er, on memory card?)

being Nebraska, 70's in March really don't surprise me anymore.  but, if the cold comes back for a final fling, i think i'm going to have a few battles to get these 2 boys back in long pants.  

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