Monday, February 6, 2012

winter is still here

our January was so mild, many of us seemed to forget that it was still winter.  after all, when the days are filled with playing outside in t-shirts and somedays shoes become optional, it's easy to let your thoughts meander towards spring.

but this weekend we were reminded that we are indeed, still in the midst of winter.

it may drive some people batty, but the bi-polar weather of Nebraska is something i love!  trust me, i've lived in the desert where it's hot and sunny 360 days of the year.  it's not so lovely as it sounds.  but then again, everyone is different and maybe you would love it.  i did not.  i thank the Lord for the variety of hot and cold, sunny and rainy.

and snow...

i love snow...

someday, i want to look in the "storehouses of snow" that the Lord God talks about in Job 38.  i'm sure that it's beauty will blow my mind!

p.s. i'm also thankful for camera phones with fun filters.  for these pictures i used my iphone and a free app called instagram with the filter "amaro".  i'm no pro photographer, but i love pretty, moody pictures like these.

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  1. GORGEOUS photos!! I'm with you, I know people complain, but I love winter just as much as every other season. Yay for Nebraska and its fickleness! ;o)


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