Tuesday, February 14, 2012

waiting for the mailman...

placed an order on Amazon today & i cannot wait til it comes.

i would say "we" but i felt it would be better to wait and show the boys after they came, to avoid continuous questions about when they will get here.  so, as i said, i'm very excited.

what am i excited about?

water beads!

8 Bags of Crystal Magic Gel Jelly Ball Soil

2 Bag Glow In Dark Crystal Magic Gel Jelly Ball Soil 5g each

i had seen them popping up all over blogs and pinterest, but it wasn't until my sister Alicia received some for her birthday, that i realized how much fun my boys would have with them!

i got several colors including glow in the dark, which should be fantastic!

i'll let you know the boys evaluation after they arrive.  :)

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